Tarot card deck printing service…?

Tarot card deck printing service…?
I’m looking for a professional printing company that will print my own customized tarot deck (about 72 different cards). Something like shutterfly or overnightprints that will ship a few printed decks to me. Not looking for playing cards. Thanks!
*note* I’m not looking to use these for myself.

Suggestion by lauren3895
You can’t use Tarot cards unless they are given to you, otherwise they won;t work correctly and it’s possible that you will anger the spirits.

Suggestion by Cheetah T
As far as I can tell, so far the only available options online are for actual playing cards, however you could print them yourself.

And as for the person who commented above, yes, you can make your own tarot and use them yourself (though I see that’s not your intention). Personally I think it will give better results because you have a direct bond with your cards. Whether you anger any spirits or not is purely personal superstition. I find it harmless :) Best of luck in your search!

Suggestion by Ryan G
If you have custom cards and you have them in a PDF file…you should be able to upload them and get them printed thru http://www.quickonlineprinting.com

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What are the cards on a tarot card deck ?
Just a list, not the meanings.

Suggestion by Scarlet MacBlu
The major arcana:

None (0 or 22) The Fool
1 The Magician
2 The High Priestess
3 The Empress
4 The Emperor
5 The Hierophant
6 The Lovers
7 The Chariot
8 or 11 Justice
9 The Hermit
10 Wheel of Fortune
11 or 8 Strength / Fortitude
12 The Hanged Man
13 Death
14 Temperance
15 The Devil
16 The Tower
17 The Star
18 The Moon
19 The Sun
20 Judgment
21 The World

The minor arcana:
Ace through 10 plus page, knight, queen and kings of-Swords, Wands, Cups and Coins/Disks or Pentacles

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