Palmistry: is there any meaning to freckles on the palm or palm-side of fingers?

Palmistry: is there any meaning to freckles on the palm or palm-side of fingers?
On my left hand I have recently developed a freckle on the palm-side of the lower portion of my middle finger and another between the heart line and head line, left of the fate line. I am not a believer in palmistry, but I am endlessly fascinated by correspondences and would like to know if these freckles mean anything in palmistry.

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No, palmistry is just nonsense unsupported by any evidence.

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It means you have some slight pigmentation.

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Freckles appear to remind us of something deeply important to our soul’s journey.

read abt your freckels here

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To those who study palmistry and/or palm readers, I have uncommon lines at the base of my palm, the meaning?
Yesterday I had my palms read as well as a tarot reading. I read for myself on my own time but wanted an-others interpretation. I wasn’t expecting to get a palm reading too, but I received one. It was all very on the ball, but there was something I’ve been thinking about non stop so I’m hoping that a palm reader or one who studies palmistry could riddle me this. And please, no responses rambling on about how palm readers and physic’s are full of it.

So anyways. One of the first things he noticed were the lines at the base of my palms, closest to the wrists. They form a shape of a “V” and he wasn’t sure how to take it. He said “well this V here indicates that you’re from another planet, but we’ll get back to that” then he went on to read the rest of my palms and then came back to it and went on about how it was just interesting to see, and he wasn’t to familiar with it, but he mentioned the Goddess Venus, and didn’t really know much about that either.

But so what I was wondering is, what could this really indicate?

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Palms cannot be read according to alphabet signs or symbols. Every line has a specific meaning and so do chance lines and minor lines. At the base of palm the lines could be cross lines or diagonal lines on the lower mount of moon, or parallel lines to the fate line or the life line, mercury line, base of the intuition line or just chance lines entering the mount of venus. The palm has to be studied to see what exactly the line is, and this has to be co-related to the shape and consistency of the palm, the shape of the fingers and the rest of the lines on the hand and the development of the mounts. Hand reading is a complex task, and I don’t think a tarot reader is the right person to do it. As you mentioned Venus, I want to add that each mount is associated with certain qualities but this has nothing to do with the lines at the base of the palm, but more to do with the mount itself.

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Those lines are called “racettes”, or “bracelets”, and when they form a “V”, it stands for “Vestal Virgins” and indicates someone who is pure of spirit.

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What does it mean when the lines of the fingers deepen and new ones (Painfully I might add) appear?
For the past…Two months, I’ve been getting new Lines and the deepening of lines on certain fingers. It all started with the Thumb on my Right hand, to which it hurt like as if I had a paper cut and was rubbing the cut with a Lemon or Orange. So looking down at it, I noticed a faint line that was red but that had not been there before. It wasn’t a cut, but it hurt like it. And then the other week the front part of the Index finger on my Left hand started hurting. And the line was growing longer then the right handed index finger. And tonight my Thumb is hurting again but the line that had been there most of my life is getting longer and deepening at the end (Meaning the part where the palm side of the thumb turns into the top part of the thumb). I’ve looked in Palmistry Books that I own, but have found nothing. And my friend had no idea, but her mother said that it was rare.
Does anyone know what these lines mean? It would really help if someone could tell me what these mean.

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You are being possessed consider a thorough exorcism of the house and of you and your entire family. In the meanwhile godspeed and hopefully the forces of Satan haven’t taken you over.

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Its sounds like your skins growing irregularly. You should talk to a dermatologist

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