Palm reading: black dot on life line!!?

Palm reading: black dot on life line!!?
My boyfriend has a black dot near the top of his life line. What does this signify? It is on his left hand by the way.

Suggestion by greychin
…its THE BLACK SPOT!!….Aarrggh me hearties….AArrgh

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palm reading what line is your love life?
and what line is yourlife line and so on

Suggestion by I Ain’t Your Momma
You should post this on the Astrology Question page.
Best of Luck. If I knew I would tell ya… but I don’t.

Suggestion by leuroth
somewhere in my palm

Suggestion by anamika
u r the architect of your own fortune……..your lines changes with change in ur thoughts…… have good thoughts
have a bright future….all the best

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