How true is palm reading?

How true is palm reading?
Everytime I go somewhere, at least one person is saying “oh come on, let me read your palm. it will be fun.” but everytime someone reads my palm (on many occasions, with different people reading my palm everytime), they all say that I don’t have much success in my life and that I’ll die young. I’m quite worried now because I have never been really healthy since I was a child, and I’m going to pursue a career that has a lower success rate compared to other jobs (but still something i love doing). How reliable is a palm reading? If done by a person who actually knows what they’re talking about, is it possible that one can actually know about the future of one’s life by just reading their palms? Please give me an honest answer.

Suggestion by Jenny me
I don’t really know but I was said to be a very great person, they told me that my life is like a grass, no matter where i go or what i do people can never take me down and my life would be very good.

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