How Accurate Is Palm Reading- Marriage Lines, etc?

How Accurate Is Palm Reading- Marriage Lines, etc?
What has been your experience?

Suggestion by [Common Sense]
Umm heres the thing this section deals more with astrology… as in signs and horoscope…………… The thing is yahoo answers is unaware that astrology has different genres …. theres horoscope (future prediction) there is astrology (reading the stars to figure a persons personality) there is (hand reading) there is magic (black and white etc)…. they are all different things…….. but here we mostly deal with horoscopes and astrology and reading natal charts……………………………

but as how accurate they are since i dont really study this im not that aware i mean ive had my hand read and ive tried learning it but there is no way if its going to be accurate since it predicts the future and there is no way if its gonna come true till some time in the future SINCE im young…….. so idk really sorry……… but if it was up to me i see more sense in astrology!!!!!!!!!!!! then any other because astrology is a science and once you understand it well then its EXTREMELY accurate!!!

goodluck…. but you can do an easy google or yahoo or youtube search with “””” how accurate is palmistry “””” and see what you get goodluck!!!

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palm reading and marriage line?
I got my palm read today by a friend, and some weird stuff came up.
She told me the exact people she saw I was going to marry and I didn’t understand how she knew. Is there any way to tell someones future through palm reading? If so, how? Help!
She also told me who I was going to have babies with and what kind of car I was going to drive. She also told me that I was going to live to 78 and a few of my future jobs. I would like to know how this is possible and how to be fairly accurate.

Suggestion by BleachedBarbie
i would be so scared if she told me when i was gonna die.

Suggestion by Barney_22
sorry but it seems a bit way too accurate info to be read from a palm…either she has done that all her life and it runs int eh family so its in her blood (which i doubt by the sounds of it) or she was jst doing it out of a do-it-urself book!…even psychics cannot be that accurate sumtimes!!

Suggestion by Big Cazzo
I dealt with the occult practices and particularly divinity for a long time myself…

ive NEVER seen palming get that specific. So id say no. Unless you make it a self fulfilled prophesy.

But thats just me.

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  2. Left-T March 16, 2012 at 4:50 am #

    If the person is good, yes, they can read the palms pretty accurately. HE or she can be off 1 or 2 years but, generally,marriage lines, children etc…are easy to notice as well as general matters of the heart, intellect, money. life, sickness etc..

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